Why you should not eat Egg and Banana together

Why you should not eat Egg and Banana:

Hello,There is absolutely no harm in eating eggs with banana, I know many are claiming it to not to be a good food combination and I’ve also heard from many people saying that banana digests
quickly and egg stays in your system which is completely bro science to be honest. People will also link you to studies that claims this but honestly there is no science to it. Why you should not eat Egg and Banana together

Many people have asked many questions about Banana and Egg:

Why you should not eat Egg and Banana together
Banana and Egg

Let me tell you this with simple facts –

  • In general if you see, banana has a higher glycemic index which means it will be diges ted quicker
  • Eggs have 0 glycemic index as they don’t contains any carbs or sugars
  • However when you eat food together,your digestive system does not knows what is the glycemic index of foods that you have eaten so digestion will depend on overall glycemic index of
    complete food you have eaten
  • The above point means that if you eata banana and egg together everything will mix inside your stomach and your stomach simply can’t extract banana separately and digest it first, this is not how it works, it will digest the complete food that you have eaten
  • So overall your food will digest bit slow as you have combined protein and fats (from egg) and carbs (from banana) which is again good because this will not shoot up your insulin levels and will keep giving you fuel slowly (the best thing you want your system to do)
  • So long story in short. Why you should not eat Egg and Banana together- There is no harm whatsoever in eating banana and eggs together as long as both are fresh, it’ll mostly do good and no harm.

    Many have said that it is not advisable to eat banana and egg simultaneously.
    Several broadcast on WhatsApp said the mixture of egg and banana generates
    poison that could kill within five minutes of consumption.

    But that is not correct. Health practitioners argue that one can develop problem eating any contaminated fruit base on individual differences.

    “for the fact that someone ate banana and later remembers that he ate egg and
    develops a problem doesn’t mean that when one takes egg with banana, the person will die. It is not true”.

    “In fact, the combination of banana and egg is used to cure diarrhea and
    malnutrition in children.”

    To clear your doubts on the news – Why you should not eat Egg and Banana together

    Banana is enriched with potassium, fibers and vitamin C while eggs are loaded with
    calcium, phosphorus, fats and proteins as well as a couple of other nutrients which are not Toxic to each other.

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