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Native Doctor ran away with my wife and 8 children: Man cry out for justice…

My wife ran away with a native doctor 8 years ago – Man seeks divorce as they returns.

A commercial driver and a business man identified as Musibau Azeez, has petitioned an Ile-Tuntun customary court in Ibadan, Oyo state, to dissolve his 15-year-old marriage because his wife, eloped with a witch doctor almost a decade ago.

In the petition presented before the court on Thursday, Azeez alleged that his life has been in danger since he decided to accept his wife, Morufat back.

He said; “Life has not been easy since I accepted my wife back after she eloped with a witch doctor eight years ago.

”Exactly a year after her return, Morufat delivered our child. She lied to me about the affair with the witch doctor.

“The witch doctor she eloped with has fortified her with so much charms that she has become a monster in my household. In fact, I am in great danger.”

Consenting to the suit, the respondent, however, denied some of the allegations leveled against her.

Morufat in turn, accused her husband of being irresponsible and neglecting her which, forced her to leave his house.

“I left Azeez because he did not take good care of me and he wanted me to cater for the entire family.

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“The little money I returned with was only enough for me to set up a petty trade. I spent all the money feeding him and his family.”

In his ruling, president of the court, Henry Agbaje, asked the couple to provide more evidence to substantiate their claims and advised them to maintain the status quo.
And they have been told to bring there relatives to court.


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