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Video: Dead bodies, bones of youths found in pastor’s church – pastor caught performing ritual

This is happening live in Umunze. This man is known by name “Rev. Bishop, Elijah Chukwuebuka”.

Shocking as it is trending on the internet. A video of a Pastor, not even a native doctor who was caught in some devilish character.

The people that know this man very well was there to identify him as a famous pastor of a miracle church.
this man is sure to be a pastor pastor son of a former church.

According to some video clip it was Seen that this man was cut at the art position of committing ritual purposes for the growth of the church. It was his biggest mistake to be caught at his secret place. This man never believe when he was apprehended by the youths of the village and all his secrets and everything about him which was in Hidden place was made exposed.

The angry youths were very angry on the notes of seeing a pastor found with devilish properties which he uses to empower himself to deceive his member. It was shown that they paraded the man with provocation to where he is pastoring, on getting there, they were amazed and shocked by the things they saw with their bare eyes such as bone of human being, human skeletons, blood and grave at the centre of the church where he ministers.

this man in question has been said to be a very famous pastor in the community where he resides.

some eyewitnesses said that since they were born that they have not seen such things in their life, whereby a pastor stood out like a native doctor in the name of power to perform miracles.

A man marveled and blame people who at all costs searching for miracles at any place where there is a gathering as church. That’s not all church are church because of money (money has turned the church upside down).

Hmmm… I beginning to think the world have to end like this!

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