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Know your talents and start using them

So you’re stuck, huh? Welcome to the 4Connerpress know your talents and start using them. With constant peer pressure from social media to define ourselves in over 140 characters or less, it’s no surprise that who we actually are gets lost in the shuffle. But once we get away from those glowing screens of identity-makers, how do we decide what our strengths are and how to use them? Know your talents and start using them now with these ten simple tips:

Know your talents and start using them

Your perception of yourself is very complex. Similar to how you cannot see your own nose, you may often be blinded to the things that you are best at. It can be really hard to identify your brightest talents and they are often in the places you least expect. You may even be very good at things that you perceive yourself as being bad at. There are many good reasons to want to explore your talents but it’s going to take a little work (strong Advice For Entrepreneurs).

1 Look back on your past.

As you reflect on yourself in search of your talents, start by looking at your past. Look at the things that you’ve done. Look at the things you’ve enjoyed. Look at the times when you really excelled. Ask yourself questions like “What am I most proud of that I’ve done?” or “When was I so proud that I didn’t care what anyone thought?”

One good thing to think about was what your childhood was like. What did you do a lot as a kid? What did you enjoy? What were you known for? Sometimes this can reveal some of your deepest talents and certainly will reveal interests that can be probed further.Think about your hobbies as your personality is made by them they are the things you do regularly and your hidden talent is that which you can do better than everyone so focus on your hobbies and how you do them every single step.

Another thing you can think about are the times in your life that you’ve been challenged. Think about the tough situations that you’ve had to deal with. Times of trial can often reveal your hidden skills . For example, when your dad had a heart attack, maybe you kept your head and called 911. Staying alert and calm in an emergency is a really useful talent.

2 Open your mind to all paths. 

Because you are likely blind to what some of your talents really are, a good place to start when evaluating your talents is to just open your mind to the possibilities. Keep in mind that talents extend beyond just playing the guitar or dancing like a pro. Talents come in all shapes and sizes and extend into many areas of life.

For example, being able to read emotions very accurately is a very useful talent.

3 Think about what you enjoy.

The things that make you happy can also help you out in knowing your talents and start using them. Think about the things that you love to do. Do people ever give you compliments on it? Do they ever ask for your help with it? You might not think of it as a talent but it probably is.

Do you ever completely lose track of time? You start doing something and you just don’t even notice time passing? This might hint at your talent. For example, maybe you get lost when you’re modding your favorite video game. This might be one of your talents.

Listen to how you talk. Do you ever find yourself rambling to your family or your best friend about this subject that means so much to you? This might be another hint at a talent you have.

Write down everything that you enjoy. This will help you to see what things you truly enjoy doing and give you an opportunity to think about why you enjoy these things. For example, you might enjoy playing fantasy football or walking in nature. Doing these things may allow you to use special knowledge that you have about these subjects.

4 Ask around. 

Having an outside perspective, other people may find it easier to see what you’re good at. Ask around and people will usually be happy to tell you what they see as your strengths. Be sure to talk to people that know you well but also people that barely know you. Both will see you in different ways and the differences that they see can tell you even more about yourself.

5 Evaluate what you’re good at.

Now, there’s a big difference between what you enjoy and what you’re good at. You might think of your talents only being things that you love doing, but it’s important to remember that your talents are often things you don’t enjoy or things you don’t even think about. This is why it’s important to take a long hard look at what you’re actually good at.

Think about things that come naturally to you. Things you don’t struggle with. Do you ever find yourself telling someone, “Never mind, it’s easier if I do it” or “Here, let me help you with that”? Do you find yourself correcting people? These behaviors (know your talents and start using them) usually indicate something that you’re good at and know a lot about.

Know your talents and start using them
6 Think about times you were successful. 

Look back on your life and think about times where you really succeeded, times where you felt about to burst with the pride of your success. This can indicate a talent you possess.

For example, maybe you helped your boss rearrange and reorganize his office and helped things at your work run so much more smoothly. Organization is a very useful talent.

money? Considering this can help you to identify your interests and talents. This exercise reveals your priorities and what you really think is important about yourself.
It can also reveal what you want for your life, helping you focus on talents you should cultivate if you want to achieve your dreams.

7 Write the story of your life. 

This exercise can help you reveal not only the talents that you have but also talents that you should consider developing. Write about what you were like as a kid, what you liked to do before and after school, what your favorite subjects were. Write about growing up. Write about where you’re at in your life now. Now, write about your future. Write about where you want to go. Write about what you want people to say at your funeral.

You may also want to write about what you would like to do with your time if money was not an issue. What activities would you most like to do if you did not have to worry about money? Considering this can help you to know your talents and start using them.

This exercise reveals your priorities and what you really think is important about yourself.

It can also reveal what you want for your life, helping you focus on talents you should cultivate if you want to achieve your dreams.


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