The Lion wisdom that turned him to be the king of animals kingdom

The Lion wisdom that turned him to be the king of animals kingdom

Animals were not religious beings. They don’t go to church; they do not even believe that a person’s soul goes somewhere after death. To them, once a person dies, that is the end of him or her Although they were some missionaries in their place, but when you
get to their churches on Sundays, they
were virtually empty. When you are
telling the animals anything about God,
they hardly listen. What the animals hated most is when anyone tells them to stop their immoral life or their alcoholism. Some of them might even fight the person.

But one good quality of the animals that they do not steal. There have never
been any case of thief in the whole of animal kingdom. You can keep your money or any valuable anywhere and go to wherever you like. And when you come
back, you meet it there intact. That is why there is no bank in their kingdom. Because of this kind of care-free life
were usually advised not to go to their place to live. It was said that no person had ever lived where the animals were living, people gone to live in animals’ kingdom and later went back to his own country. The person must be influenced by their useless ways of life as a result of which the stranger ends up nationalizing.

But among all the animals in the kingdom, there was one that was not happy. That was Lion. Lion was not happy because he was a very lazy man. He lived by begging and apart from the fact that he was naturally lazy, his major problem was alcoholism.
He drank excessively, There was hardly
any day you saw Lion without him being under the influence of alcohol. Anywhere occasion was taking place, Lion must be there whether invited or uninvited. And he would be the last to leave except the drinks got finished. Another major problem of Lion was that he had no choice.

Sensible and responsible people have particular brand of drink they take. If they do not see that their brand, they will not drink. But that was not the case with Lion. Lion drank everything provided it was in a bottle. Another problem of Lion was that he had no self-control. So long as the drink
was still entering his stomach, he would
continue to drink till his stomach would
no longer accommodate. That is stupidity!

One must learn to discipline oneself.
No matter how Sweet or delicious any
food or drink may be, one must be moderate in the way in which one eats and drinks. Any person who doesn’t have such self-discipline is a fool. That was the kind of person Lion was. He useless himself through excessive drinking of alcohol, and that also affected his family. In the whole of animals kingdom, it was only Lion’s family that was not feeding well. Like, I earlier said; the major occupation of the animals was farming.

And their lands were very fertile; they
(their lands) yielded rich harvest. But
Lion was too lazy to farm. What he loved
most was playing of guitar, and of a truth, he was very good at it. Anytime Lion was playing guitar,especially if he had some bottles of drink beside him, crowd usually gather to listen to him. And that was why some rich people often invited him and bought him some bottles of drink just for him to play for them.

In view of the above, Lion hardly
made farm. And even the little he
Sometimes made, was mostly made on
Over-cultivated piece of land. He never
liked to farm on virgin forest where he
would have to labour hard to clear and till the land, and which might also require much efforts to maintain. And that was why his farm usually yielded very little. Another problem of Lion was that he had never worked continuously for two consecutive hours in his farm.. In spite of the fact that he always left his house late, when he got to the farm, instead of being serious with the work, he would only work for a few minutes, and then retire under a tree either drinking alcohol or learning a new tune with his guitar. Consequently, he was not growing enough grass and was not able to take good care of his family.

His children were not going to school. Initially, Lion put his children in public schools, but when it was the time to pay their school fees and buy them books, he was not able to do so. So the children were sent out of school. Not only that Lion’s children were not going to school, but also they were not
properly being fed. On several occasions, they have gone to bed with empty stomach. Anytime you went to Lion’s house, you would always meet his children crying for food. And most of the time, the family ate but once a day. Even that once was management; they never ate to their satisfaction. What
Lion was doing was provided his family
had tasted something. Consequently, the
children looked so lean and often fell sick, especially that type of sicknesses that are associated with malnutrition. Lion’s children were morally upright.

Despite the severe hunger they suffer at home, they don’t steal. Some useless children would have capitalized
on the fact that they had no food at home to start stealing. But the children of Lion were different: If they see food, they eat, if they don’t see, they go hungry. Lion was a professional beggar. He had a sugar-coated tongue. He knew how to get what he wanted from people. In fact, he could use his tongue to melt an iron.

Not even the most stingy could leave Lion unaided if he begged him or her of
something. The animals had all helped him and got tired. None was willing to help him any longer. Honestly, there was no animal in the whole of animals’ kingdom who had not helped Lion with either food or money up to ten times. Of course, you know that there is alimit to which someone in need can be helped, especially when the person being
helped is not willing to help himself or
herself. Lion was not willing to work hard as a man; he depended on begging. And worse still, he behaves like a child. You know that so long as you keep giving something to a child, he keeps coming. He can never use his initiative to say, “This person has helped me so much, let me give him a breathing space.” He will continue to come till the giver gets angry. Such was the character of Lion. He had begged so much from the other animals that none was willing to help him any longer. And when all the animals had stopped helping him, things became extremely difficult for him and his family.

Rat as Lion best friend, has been helping him. How can a man depend on begging? Rat’s wife would ask her
husband. You can’t be taking the
children’s food and be giving to a man
who is not willing to help himself. If Mr. Lion is not willing to work hard as a man, let his wife and children die of starvation. Rat’s wife was so beautiful and so good, a woman that Rat was very proud of her. He was not ready to compromise her beauty and good manners because of Lion. And so as the wife had begun to have
bad feelings over the help he was
rendering Lion, he decided to stop. One day, Lion’s children were crying for food and Lion had nothing to
give them. The wife, too, could not help
because she had been at home for years.

What happened was that the woman
fell into the trap of a hunter. Though she managed to escape with her life, but not without losing one of her legs.
Consequently, she, too, became a liability to Lion. As the children were weeping and wailing, refusing to be lulled, Lion was confused. He didn’t know what to do. When their cry became unbearable, he decided to go to Rat again and see whether he could get some food from him. On getting to Rat’s house, he met him and his family at table taking their launch.

“I meet una wellooo!” Lion said in
pidgin. “My friend, Rat, you and your family dey wak o?, yes! replied Rat. “We are doing what you have done. Rat did not want to invite Lion to join them, as it was the custom, because he knew that he (Lion) was shameless that if he invited him, he would surely come.

That was why he said, “We are doing what
you have done.” But to Rat greatest surprise, Lion answered, “Who told you that I have done
what you are doing”? “I have not done.” He drew his chair closer and began to eat. Lion was a fast eater. He ate faster than Rat and his family. And as a result of his participation in the meal, the food was no longer enough for Rat and his family. Rat’s wife was very unhappy with Lion for participating in the meal. She wanted to challenge him, but as a good Woman, she held her peace. After they had finished eating, Lion said to Rat, “Thank you my good friend.
You have fed me this afternoon, but please, I still need a little help from you. “What type of help?” Rat asked,suspecting that it must not be unconnected with food.

The moment he said this, Goat started to laugh in such a fashion that depicts that what Mr. Lion said was not true. Please, l am getting sick about such
begging, “continued Mr. Rat.” Don’t Come here again to disturb me for food. “Mr. Rat, you said that I should not Come to your house again?” asked Lion.

“You are driving me away from your house, is that so?” I never told you to stop coming to my house, neither am I driving you away from my house, denied “Mr. Rat.” “All what I told you is to stop coming to disturb me for food…”

That is an indirect way of asking
me to stop coming to your house, argued Lion. It is not, objected Rat. Rat then
turned to Mr. Goat and said, “Mr. Goat, Iam happy you are here. What I said now does it in any way imply that I am asking Mr. Lion to stop coming to my house? It does not,” replied Mr. Goat.

Well,” continued Mr. Rat, Mr.Lion, if that is how you take it, no problem! I am happy that a witness is here.
I have no apology to tender. I can’t be
fending for my family and also be fending for the family of a man like me.”

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When he said this, Lion became angry even the more. He started quarrelling. Then Goat said to him, “Mr. Lion, there is nothing to get angry or quarrel
about for what Mr. Rat had told you. As a man with complete hands and legs, how
can you depend on begging? Why can’t
you go and work hard so that you can feed your family”? There is no animal in this kingdom to whom you have not gone to beg for food. Everybody knows you for
that. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Please go and work like a man and stop being unnecessary burden to people.

Hearing these words, Lion was overwhelmed with anger. He became even more angry with Mr. Goat than he was to Mr. Rat. And turning quickly, he went home.

On getting home, Lion sat down and began to meditate on the quarrel he had with Mr. Rat. “look at how that small thief’s just insulting me today,” he said to himself, “he told me to stop coming to his house to beg for food. I don’t blame him after all the fault is from me, otherwise, why should be go-to small thing like him (Rat) to beg for food.” if not for my addiction to alcohol, can Rat farm more than me? And by the way, what concerned Goat in that matter? Goat that has no sense
was telling me that I should be ashamed of myself. Yet he is not ashamed of his
senselessness. It’s alright, we shall see! I can forgive Mr. Rat, but I will never forgive Goat.”From that very day, Lion made up his mind to give up alcoholism so as to give more attention to his farm work. And when he did so, he began to grow more grasses in his farm and his family began to feed better than before. His wife and children, who were formerly bony and skinny, began to look fresh. But despite all that, Lion was still very angry, especially with Mr. Goat. One of the characteristics of Lion, which goes to show that he is a very wicked person, is that he has no forgiving spirit. If someone offends him, he must revenge even if it takes him ten years. And when he is angry with someone, he does not show it. He could even be playing and laughing with the person, and that is how the person will fall into his trap one day. All this while, Lion never showed Mr. Goat that he was angry with him. He greeted and laughed with him normally, whereas he was looking for an opportunity to harm him. One day, Lion was in his house and a heavy rain was falling. The rain started very early in the morning and continued till evening. The rain did not allow him to go and harvest the little grass he had in his farm. Moreover, the grasses were about getting finished. The little left, if harvested, might not even be enough for his family’s breakfast, not to talk of lunch and supper.As Lion saw his children lying on different corners of the house apparently hungry, and the last baby disturbing the peace of the house with his cry for food, he did not know what to do. To go and buy food for them, he had no money, to go begging, nobody would agree to give him anything. As he sat down thinking about the way out, suddenly a very wicked thought came into his mind: he looked at his long teeth and long finger nails and said angrily,
But why is God so wicked to me! Look at
the long teeth and finger nails He gave me.

These things would have been very useful
for fight, yet he gave me equal power with small animals like Rat, Rabbit etc. Is that not share wickedness? At least, if He had made me stronger than the rest animals, I would have been using these my teeth and finger nails to tear them into pieces, and by then me and my family would have had something to eat. After all, human beings eat fellow human beings, fishes eat themselves and birds eat birds. But see
how me and my chhildren are hungry.

Instantly, he made up his mind to go to God and beg Him to give him more power than the rest animals. But God will certainly not agree to it, another opposing thought suggested to him. “He will suspect that you will use it to do bad.” For three days, Lion was deep in thought, trying to fabricate a convincing reason to give God why he needed more power than the rest animals, but he could not get any. One day, as he was taking his bath, a very beautiful idea struck him: “If I can convince the other animals that we need a king, and we all march together to God’s house and insist that He should give us a king, He might oblige us.”

This idea he hit at gladdened his
heart. He was very happy. But the
happiness did not last long. Soon two
opposing ideas challenged his mind: First, “How will you be able to convince the other animals to go with you to God’s house to beg Him to give you a king?” that even if God agrees to give you people a king that the other animals will choose you as their candidate against bigger animals. like Elephant, Cow, Secondly, What assurance has like Hippopotamus etc? On the first opposing idea, Lion quickly found an answer. He said to himself, “I will tell them that God gave human beings, birds and fishes kings, He should also give us. Further more, I will lie to them that I heard that birds held a meeting and decided to attack us because we have no king and there is nobody to
defend us. Therefore, we need a king to
defend us in case of war.”As for whether the animals would agree to choose him as their candidate for the position of a king or not, Lion said, Let that time come first.

After all, there is
a parable that says, “It is only when a
question is asked, that one will begin to think about the answer.” I cannot begin now to think about whether the animals will agree to choose me as their king or not. Let God agrees to give us a king first.

The next day, Lion summoned all the animals for a meeting. Because the animals had no King, whenever they had an important matters to discuss, they usually discussed it at the public square. Mr. Rabbit was made the town crier that is, whenever there was going to be a meeting, he would be the one to go round the whole of the animals’ kingdom with a metal gong announcing to the animals that there would be a meeting. If the meeting was being summoned by an individual, there was some amount of money the person was expected to pay Mr. Rabbit for his services. But if it was a matter that concerned the whole community, Rabbit was not paid. When Rabbit was announcing that there was going to be a meeting the next day, and that the meeting was being
summoned by Mr. Lion, many of the animals began to laugh. “What has that lazy man who cannot feed himself, let alone his family, got tosay”? asked Mr. Monkey. Maybe he wants to beg that we
should contribute food for him and his
family, “Mr. Dog added.” All the animals made up their minds that they would not attend the meeting. I suggest we go and listen to him, said Mr. Pig. “After all, tomorrow shall be Eke market day on which no animal is allowed to go to farm. Let us go and hear what he has to say if shame will allow him to start begging for food from the whole
animals in the kingdom.” The animals accepted the suggestion. The next day, all of them
assembled at the public square. Then Mr.
Lion was called upon to tell them why he
summoned them for the meeting. I greet you all my fellow animals in the kingdom,” Lion began. “I invited you
for this meeting because of some certain
things that have been bothering my mind.

“I don’t know whether it has ever occurred to any of you that God is being wicked to us…”

The moment he said this, many, if not all, the animals began to murmur in
As agreement. Please, hold on! Lion pleaded. “Hold on let me explain!” The animals calmed down a little and he continued, “I said this because God
did not give us a king, but gave to human beings, birds and fishes. And because we have no king, that is why human beings are killing us the way they like…
On hearing about how human beings were killing them, many of the animals automatically had a change of
mind and began to nod their heads in
agreement. “Maybe I need to give some
examples,” Lion said. He then turned to
Mr. Grass-cutter and asked, Mr. Grass
cutter, how many of your brothers and
sisters have you lost to human hunters?Uncountable!” replied Grass-cutter. “Even one of the hunters shot at me
yesterday. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to escape.” “Wonderful!” Lion exclaimed. Did
we all hear him? Some of the animals
answered ‘yes while others shook their
heads sorrowfully. “I come to you Mr
Cow,” Lion continued, “‘could you please
tell us how many of your brothers and
Sisters human beings slaughter and use for cooking everyday?” Cow then began to cry. “Why crying?” asked Lion. “We only want you to tell us how many of your brothers and sisters human beings have killed and are still killing.”How can I count?” CoW asked.
There is no soup or stew human beings make without using the flesh of my brothers and sisters. The most painful
aspect of it is the way some Hausa people are slicing the flesh of my people and using them for ‘suya’. There is no human market you go to without seeing the meat of my brothers and sisters display for sale.

Even myself talking now, do I know the
day they will pick me and slaughter too. Mr. Rabbit, said Lion, I heard that Some human beings dug the hole where
your family was living and killed your
father and mother as well as all your
brothers and sisters. Is that true?Exactly!” replied Rabbit. “That is why I am putting on black clothes. As you
are seeing me now, I am alone on earth, no father, no mother, no brother, no sister. “Now, let me ask all of you here present,” Lion said, is there any one
whose relation has not been killed by
human beings? “If there is, let the person indicate by raising his or her hand.” At this, the animals went wild. All of them became very angry and mad against human beings. Some of their youths began to chant war songs, asking that they should go to war against human beings.

“Silence! Silence!” Lion cautioned. When a little silence returned to the arena,
he continued, “Now, some of you are
shouting that we should go to war against human beings, but forgot that we do not have a king. Who will lead the war? That is the question. How do you go to war without a leader? It is not possible! I have said it before that human beings are taking the advantage of our not having a king to be killing us the way they like. And for your information, I heard that the birds are also planning to attack us. And I will not even be surprised if the fishes attack us too. In conclusion, what I am saying is that we should not allow other people to be killing us; we should all rise and go to God right away and insist that He should give us a king, If we don’t do this, and do it urgently, I am afraid that in no distance time, human beings, birds and fishes will kill us all. Thank you.” No sooner had Mr. Lion took his seat, than Mr. Cow got up and greeted the animals, “My fellow animals I greet you,” he said. Our elders say, A parable is not necessary in a short speech. I am so surprised at the wisdom that is at work in Mr. Lion today. We all have a common impression about him. “I hope you understand what I mean?…We do! We do!” the animals replied, with some laughing. So, you will agree with me that the wisdom in him today beats everybody’s imagination. What he said is like daylight: it is not to be debated on. Let us rise at once and go to God. And if He does not give us a king, we shall not come back.”Yea! Yea! Yea!” all the animals shouted except Mr. Dog. “Please, wait! Wait I have
Something to say,” Dog said. But the animals were busy making noise. “Please
lend me your ears…” Dog pleaded. We do not want any argument on this matter, Mr. Dog,” Cow cautioned.”It is not an argument,” said Mr. Dog. “Please, listen to me, let me air my Own view. lf you don’t like it, throw away
my word, not me.”Allow him! Allow him! many of Then go ahead,” said Cow, “but be You see,” Dog continued, “many of the animals shouted brief us quickly agreed that we should go God and demand that He should give us a king, but I want us to give this a second thought. You know that God is our creator.

He created us out of pure love, and wants the best of everything for us. His wisdom cannot be compared with ours. He knows what will happen even in 100years to come. What I am suggesting, therefore, is that we should forget about going to Him and demanding for a king. If having a king will be good for us, I am sure He would have given us one.. “Sit down! Sit down!” the other animals shouted at him. Please, “I don’t blame him,” said Mr.Cow. “You know that human beings do not eat him, after all he eats shit.?” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! some of the animals burst into loud and long laughter, while others started shouting, “Shit eater!”
Shit eater! Dog was so ashamed and so angry that if he had been stronger than Cow, he would have fought and beaten him up. But all the animals had equal power.

As early as 5:30a.m the next day, all the animals had gathered in the public square. And at exactly 6a.m; they began to match to God’s house with many of them carrying placards of various inscriptions chanting,

“All we are sayyyying, give us a
king! All we are sayyyying, give us a

When they arrived God’s house,God was still asleep. The security man did
not allow them in. “What do you want?”
he asked the animals. We want to see God, the animals.

“He is still in bed,” said the security
Go and wake Him! Go and wake answered. man, “He has not waken up yet.”Him!” the animals shouted. “He must give
us a king today!” As the security man refused to go and wake God up and equally refused to allow the animals in, the animals began too shout and kick God’s gate with their hoofs and horts.

Their noise attracted God’s attention and He came out. What is going on here? Godasked. Why are you here this early
morning and why the noise? We need a king! We need a king!the animals shouted in chorus.

“Please, let me hear one person at a time,” God pleaded. Then Mr. Lion spoke up, What we are saying is that we need a king. Give us our own king, that is all we want. “But you had made this request before, you remember?” God asked.Yes, we have! Yes, we have! the
animals answered.
Continuing, God said,
And I remember telling you to forget
about that demand of yours for the reasons best known to me… “Nooo! Nooo!Nooo! Nooo!” the animals began to shout in protest. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!God pleaded. “You know that l am your maker,” God said. “You did not force me to make you. I made you out of my love for you…” We know that! We know that!” the animals cut in. We are not disputing it. “But what we are saying is that we need a king.” “But I have told you that you should
forget about it,” God said.” All what you need are the things I gave you. Please, go back home. “We are not going back! We are not going back!” the animals shouted. “You must give us our own king today.” Mr. Lion,” said God, “take your people back. Forget about this your request. I have my reason for telling you that. Good reasons you have, no doubt your Majesty, “but we are not going back without you giving us a king.” Lion said.

You gave human beings, birds and fishes
kings, why not us too? And it is because
we have no king, that is why human
beings are killing us the way they like. Infact, God, you are being unfair to us..When Lion said this, God became angry and said to him, “Mr. Lion, do you say that I am being unfair to you people?

How can l be? That is a wrong statement!
In the first place, I did not give human
beings, birds and fishes their kings fromn the beginning; they came and demandeed for it. I also told them exactly what I am telling you now to forget about having kings, but they refused. They insisted that they needed it and so I asked them to go and choose the kings themselves…”And that is exactly what we areasking for too,” Lion said,”Listen, Mr. Lion, 99 God said, before asking for the same thing, why not inquire and find out first what is
happening in human, bird and fish’s
kingdoms. “I can assure you that they are regretting ever asking for one.” Don’t worry, Mr. Lion said, “just give us a king and forget about what will
happen! Whatever is the consequence, we
shall bear it.”

God then turned to the rest animal sand ask, “Is what Mr. Lion said a true
reflection of your collective wish? Yes. it, is! Yes, it is! the animals answered in one voice. Good! God exclaimed. “Since it is your collective decision to have a king no matter the consequence, I also accept. But before then it is important to note the following points: first, you have to choose the animal to be your king yourselves.

Second, once I endorse any animal
nominated by you, no going back. Third,
whatever the animal asks from me to
enable him do his work well, I shall grant him. Is that also okay by you?Yes! Yes! Yes! the animalsanswered. “Now, go and nominate the animal of your choice,” God finally said.

The popular choice of the animals for the position of the king was Mr. Elephant. Even before the animals made up their mind to press it on God to give them a king, Mr. Elephant was already acting as their king. Anytime the animals where holding a
meeting to decide an important matter
affecting their common interest, Mr.Elephant always presided. Also, whenever there was any
misunderstanding between two animals,
the matter was always settled in the house of Mr. Elephant.
The house of Elephant was, therefore, like the palace of the animals in the kingdom. Elephant was acting, not because hewas stronger than the rest animals, but because he was naturally talented. It was
his contributions at the animals’ meetings that made the animals to take him almost as their leader.Whenever Elephant stands up tospeak at the meetings, all other animals usually pay rapt attentiobn because he makes a lot of sense. And most times, his ideas or contributions are always taken. And when the animals acted on them, they
(his ideas or contributions) worked well.

Another good quality of Mr. Elephant is that he is not partial. He hates
injustice. He doesn t 1avour one against
the other. And so whenever there is anv
dispute between two animals and the case
is brought before him, he speaks the truth no matter the person concerned. He
doesn’t care to know whether the person is his father, mother, brother or sister; anyone that is at fault, he blames him or her.Another wonderful character of Mr. Elephant is that he knows how to calm an angry person down. No matter how angry a person may be, if Mr. Elephant talks to him or her, the person must calm down.

And that is why it is always easy for him to settle disputes. But despite all these good qualities of Mr. Elephant, some animals still regarded him as a fool. The foolishness was as a result of his unqualified kindness.

Elephant was kind to a fault. He
doesn’t know how to say no’ to someone.
He can even give out the last thing he has to someone who is in need. The reason for this is because he does not tell lies and feels that nobody does. And so what ever anyone tells him, he believes. Some animals, especially the lazy ones like Lion, took advantage of
Elephant’s unqualified kindness to be exploiting him. Whenever Elephant displays Something for sale, let’s say a bundle of grass, one anımal would come to him with a very little amount of money, far lesser than the cost of the grass and say, “Mr. Elephant, my children are dying of hunger at home and I have nothing to give them.

“This is the only money I have. Please, help me”. Only a little begging, Elephant would allow him or her to have it. On leaving his presence, instead of the animal to recognize Elephant’s goodness, he or she would regard him as a fool. The same with when someone comes to him to borrow something Elephant never tries to reason on what the
person says, whether there is an element
of truth in it or not. Once it is something he has, he gives it out immediately. It is for these two reasons and no other that some of the animals were calling Elephant a fool. Lion knew that in spite of these weak points of Elephant, that the animals would still vote him to be the king. Consequently, when they got home and most of the animals wanted the new king elected immediately, Lion called them and said, “Fellow animals, am suggesting that we should postpone the choosing of our king to a later date so that we have time to rejoice and celebrate our success first. Many of us don’t seem to know what we have achieved today. For ages we have been begging God to give us has a king, He refused. But today, He has permitted us to go and choose our king. Does this not call for celebration?…” It does! It does! the animals responded. “Therefore,” said Lion, I am suggesting that we should appoint here and now 20 man committee to organize
the occasion. I am equally suggesting that it should be a 7 day programme with
different activities like wrestling, dancing competition, masquerade display etc. “This will also enable our children to learn more about our culture. At the end of this, we can then elect our king. This is my Suggestion.” “Supported! Supported!” many of the animals shouted. They then appointed 20 animals to oversee the organization of the
celebration. They wanted to make Lion
the chairman of the committee, but he
declined. He said that he had a tight
schedule which was not true. He declined
because he wanted to have enough time to
do secret campaign for the post of the king which he wanted to, for Mr. Elephant was then chosen.

Mr. Lion was a good politician. While the celebration was going on, he was busy going from house to house, meeting with those animals that matter – those animals that has a say in the kingdom.

“We must be very careful about who
to choose to be our king, he would save
the post of a king is very sensitive.
Remember what God told us that once we
nominate a candidate and He endorses
him, no changing. For us not to make a
mistake in our choice, therefore, I am
Suggesting that the person to be our king should possess the following qualities: First, he should not be an animal that is too big so that if he is not ruling well, we can ask him to step down. And if he refuses to do so, we can use force on him.

But if we choose a very big person and he turns out to be a tyrant, we will be in trouble because we will not be able to force him to step down.

Second, the person must be clever, smart and agile animal that can run very
fast, animal that has long teeth and long finger nails. If we choose an animal without these qualities, he will not be able to defend us against our enemies.

Third, the person must be an animal that can see both during the day and at
night. He should also have the ability to climb a tree, so that when he is up there hew ill be watching over our kingdom to know when an enemy is coming.

Fourth and final point, he must be ananimal that can reason well. If we choose an animal that is credulous, we are in trouble because our enemies can take advantage of his inability to reason well to make him do, sign or accept what will put all of us into trouble. Let us take note of the above points so that we will not make
the mistake we will not be able to forgive ourselves for.” All the animals Lion spoke to saw reason with him. They believed that he made good points, and that Elephant did not have the required qualifications for a king. Meanwhile, Elephant and his supporters were busy feasting. They were certain that Elephant was going to be nominated as a king. For that reason, Elephant did not see the need to do underground campaign. On the day of the election proper, Elephant and his supporters arrived the
venue of the election almost an hour late.

They carried a gold-plated chair on which Mr. Elephant would sit when elected asking When everything was set for the election to commence, Mr. Leopard was appointed the returning officer. Coincidentally, Leopard was among those animals Lion had met and pleaded with privately to help and see him emerge victorious. So when Leopard got up to conduct the election, he started by addressing the
animals thus: “Fellow animals, today
history is about to be made. In a few hours from now, we would have elected our king. Our age-old dream is about to be realized. You appointed me the returning officer for this election and I accepted it with humility. Now, the mode of the election shall be as follows: Three candidates shall be
nominated. Each nominee must have two
supporters before he can be qualified to
contest. Any nominee who has no
supporter or who has only one will be
disqualified. The three candidates shall address us, that is, they shall give us their manifestos before the voting commences. The election shall be by Option ‘A’, that is, the three candidates shall stand out and
you go and queue behind the candidate of
your choice, after which we count. The
person that has the highest votes
automatically becomes the king elect.
Finally, every animal is qualified to vote
or be voted for. Am I understood?”

“Yea! Yea! Yea! responded the animals. Good! exclaimed Leopard. “Now we shall commence the Voting. But before
then, let me give you some minutes to look.round and decide the animal you are nominate – animal that will rule us well and take our kingdom to the next level. Meanwhile, Elephant’s musicians atmosphere, were busy charging the singing melodious songs in praises of Elephant. After about five minutes, Leopard then said, “Now, I’m sure you must have made up your minds on whom to nominate and whom to vote for. If I give a knock, raise up your hand if you have a candidate to nominate. The nomination exercise went smoothly, Messrs Elephant, Lion and Pig
were nominated and they all had their two supporters. After the nomination, Leopard then said, “My fellow animals, we have now gotten our three candidates from among Whom we are going to choose one to be our king. Now, we are going to them one after another to give us their manifestos. And I will like to begin with Mr. Elephant.

Mr. Elephant, please! Elephant proudly came out and began to laugh “Ha! Ha! Ha!” he laughed.
I really wonder the need for all this,” he.said. “We all know who the cap fits. I am the one. God has already made me a king from the beginning. You see how big I am. If ten of some of you are put together, they are not up to one of my laps. So, how will I be there and another animal is made a king. As he said this, many of the animals felt insulted. They got angry and started
murmuring, calling on leopard to take the microphone away from him. But Leopard decided to allow him finish. When, at last, Elephant finished speaking, Leopard collected the microphone from him and handed over to
Mr. Lion and said, “Mr. Lion, the floor is yours. Can we hear you, too!”

Lion gently stepped out, bowed to the animals smilingly and said, My fellow animals greet you.

I am here to beg you to vote for me to be your servant said servant because every good leader supposed to be a servant to the people he is leading. If you vote for me, I shall practice an open door policy, that is, every animal shall be free to come to me any time, any day to say or suggest how he or she wants things done in the kingdom. No animal shall maltreat or bully another animal. I shall use these long teeth
and long finger nails of mine to fight our enemies, especially human beings to
make sure they no longer kill us. I shall make sure that there is food on the table of every animal. I shall make sure there is constant power supply. I shall carry every animal along in our efforts to develop our kingdom…” Lion did not finish what he was saying before he stopped because the ovation was too loud. As he was speaking, most of the animals started clapping and hailing, “Up Lion! Up Lion! Finally, Mr. Pig was called upon to address the animals, but he was no where to be found. “Where is Mr. Pig? Where is Mr. Pig?” the animal started asking. As everybody was anxiously looking for him, Mr. Dog sighted him in a muddy water nearby. “Look at Mr. Pig in that pool of water over there!” he shouted. Catching sight of him, Pig’s wife and children started crying because they knew that it was automatic disqualification. With the disqualification of Pig, the Contest was now between Mr. Elephant and Mr. Lion. And when Leopard asked the animals to go and queue behind the candidate of their choice, over 90% of the animals queued behind Mr. Lion and Leopard declared him the king elect.

On seeing what had happened, Elephant and his supporters began to protest, This cannot happen! This cannot
happen! they shouted. “There is fraud!
The election is not free and fair! We
cannot accept the result! The election ended very late, and so the animals felt that God must have slept.

They decided to go to God’s house the first thing tomorrow morning to present to him their king elect.

The following day, Elephant and his supporters went very early to God’s house to register their protest against the election. “Do not accept the result of the election,” they said to God, “it is not free nor fair. Lion and his supporters rigged the election.”
Seeing how few Elephants supporters were, God was really in doubt that there was rigging in the election. But in order to give everybody a fair hearing,
He said to Elephant and his supporters,
One does not judge a case based on what
one hears from one person. At least, there is need to hear from the other party too. I have heard you, but I must also hear from Mr. Lion and his supporters. I don’t know when they will be coming to see me. They should be on their way by “Then let’s wait for them,” God Not long after, Lion and his now, Elephant said concluded supporters, which formed over three quarters (¾) of the total population of the animals in the kingdom, arrived jubilating. We have nominated our.king,” they said to God, “it is Mr. Lion. No! No! No!” Elephant and his supporters objected. The election was accept it,” they said to God in protest of the election, than Lion and his protest, “Don t mind them! Don’t mind them! they said to God. “That is how rigged! The election was rigged! Do not no sooner had they started to shout supporters began their own counter most losers usually react. The election
was free and fair and Lion is our king
elect. The whole place then became rowdy. Please, keep quiet!” God
commanded. “Let me hear one person at a
time. The animals immediately calmed down and God said to’ Elephant, “Mr.
Elephant, do you say that the election was rigged?” Yes, my Lord,” Elephant replied. “Now, tell me, what really happened?” God inquired.

Elephant began to stammer, he began to fumble; he did not know what to say. “Mr. Elephant,” God said to him
again,I cannot make out anything out of
all what you are saying. You said that the election was rigged, and I was expecting you to prove it. But you are busy stammering. According to what came out of your own mouth, the election was done in an open air, not secret. People were asked to queue behind the candidate of their choice, and the counting was done there and then. You saw the number of animals that queued behind you, which
reflects the number of supporters that
followed you down here. How then was
the election rigged? I don’t think I will believe your story.

I am accepting Lion as the king elect, after all, “Majority,” they
say, “carries the vote…” The moment God said this, Lion and his supporters began to jubilate. They carried Lion shoulder-high singing, “Winner o oo Winner! Winner o o o winner! Lion you don Win o o o winnert I
say you go win again o..!,” Winner! God allowed the animals to rejoice for a while and then called them together
and said, “Now, you have elected Mr. Lion to be your king, is that not so?Yess s! the animals responded. Good!” God exclaimed. “I have no objection. I am going to endorse him now as your king. But then, let me remind you,
once again, that once I endorse him, no
going back. It is like a broken bottle, once a bottle is broken, no remedy.

Also, whatever he asks of me to enable him do his work efficiently, I will oblige him. Is that okay by you? “No y a w a a a! the animals responded in slang.,Mr. Lion,” said God, “I now take you as the king of the animals. Is there anything you need from me to enable you do your work efficiently and effectively? would like you to give me more power than any animal has ever had and will ever have to enable me defend my people yes, my Lord.” Lion answered.

I am against our enemies, especially human beings. “grant you your wish,” God replied. “From today to eternity, you will be the strongest animal. You will also be stronger than all human beings, fishes and birds of the air. But use your power well.

Do not use it to oppress and suppress your fellow animals. I will not, my Lord,” Lion falsely promised. Lion did not rule up to three months before the animals were filled with deep regret for having chosen him. His actions were complete opposite of what he promised during his electioneering campaign.

Instead of being a servant to the
animals, as he promised, he made himself a demigod. Whatever he says, is final nobody objects or argues with him whoever tries to, Will face death. Whenever he is passing, all other
animals must stay clear from the road
except his chiefs. And the animals he
made chiefs were only those from his
lineage: Leopard, Tiger, Hyena, Cheetah
Fox and Wolf. All the money belonging to
the community is like his own personal
money; he uses it the way he likes, and
nobody dares to ask questions. He cares
not about the development of the Community. But so bad as the animals were feeling over this his ugly behaviour, more painful to them was when he made a law that he and his chiefs, as well as their families, would no longer farm.

Other animals had to farm to feed and take care of all their needs. Not being able to bear it any longer, the animals gathered together and went to
God’s house to plead with Him to change
Lion for them as their king.

When they got there, God did not
even give them listening ear. He drove
them out saying, You needed a king, you
said that I was being wicked to you for
refusing to give you a king all this while Now, you have gotten one and I am happy you chose him yourselves and I have endorsed him. Lion is to rule you forever. Any of you that comes here again to disturb me for this matter should consider himself or herself dead. The animal that master minded the
protest was Mr. Goat. Unfortunately, Goat had been on Lion’s bad book because he (Goat) had told him sometime ago to stop begging for food, but that he should go and work hard as a man and grows food for his family. So, when Lion heard that Goat played a key role in the protest, he felt that his opportunity to avenge him had come.

He angrily went to Goat’s house and said
to him, “Mr. Goat, I can see that you dont like my administration that was why you led some disgruntled elements to God’s house to protest against me. Since you don’t like to contribute grasses to feed me and my chiefs, you are going to contributee your flesh.” Immediately, he pounced on Goat and tore him into pieces with his long teeth and finger nails. As Goat’s blood touched his tongue, he discovered that it was very sweet. He then began to lick the blood. He
licked the blood for a while and then said to himself, “If blood can be as tasty, who knows what flesh will taste like.” It was when he tasted Goat’s flesh that he was overwhelmed. “So there are sweet things like this in this world and I was feeding on grass?” he said to himself.

He then left Goat’s blood and began to eat his flesh. When he was satisfied, he took the rest home. On getting home, he called his chiefs together and said to them, “Close your eyes and open your mouths. They did as he had commanded them. He then said to them again, “Whateverl put in your mouth, eat it after which you tell me what it tastes like.” He then cut a piece of Goat’s meat and put in the mouth of each of them.

When the chiefs ate it, they shouted,
Wonderful! This thing is so delicious.
What is it and where did you get it from? they asked Lion .This is Goat’s meat,” Lion replied. We have been eating grasses not knowing that flesh is so delicious.

Henceforth, I permit you to kill and eat
any animal of your choice. God has made
them our slaves forever and we are to do
with them whatever we like. When Lion and his chiefs started killing and eating their fellow animals, there was confusion and commotion in animals’ kingdom. All the animals fled to save their dear life. Some, like Monkeys
and Squirrels, climbed trees and lived
there. Some made holes and lived in them.

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Those animals that can neither climb nor
make hole, live in fear in the bush.That was the end of the Federal republic of Animal kingdom.

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