Fundamentals of social media platforms and their contribution to your business success

Fundamentals of social media platforms and their contribution to your business success

The majority of people realize the value of social media in their personal lives, but it’s a whole different story from a business perspective. Successful businesses these days use social media to connect with more customers and reach people in their neighborhood. These companies engage in informative conversations with people to facilitate their decision-making process. So what are you waiting for?

How social platforms can help you get customer engagement

Social media platforms come in different formats: basic messages, more sophisticated content sharing, podcasts, video sites, image sharing and community sites. They also use multiple platforms, such as Facebook, to allow you to share various types of content. Here are 5 types of social platforms that can help you get customer engagement:

1. Social networking sites
This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These sites offer the opportunity to build relationships and communities and share information in real time. Why they are a great way to promote your business: These sites are a great way to share practical and useful information about your business; they allow you to publicize your services. These sites also have interesting advertising features that will help you target consumers in your neighborhood or those who have interests similar to those of your existing customers. Companies use them to: Connect directly with people. For example, bakeries share photos of freshly baked food, letting people know it’s hot and ready to buy. Business owners also use these platforms to communicate directly with customers: answering their questions, promoting sales and sharing useful information about the business, such as business hours.

If you need help getting started on Facebook or don’t have time to maintain your page, our advertising specialists can help you refine and maintain your Facebook page so you can reach more customers local.

2. Blogs

First recognized as web notebooks, blogs are a great way to share news. To optimize results, add a page dedicated to your website where you can share diverse information that is favorable to creating a commitment with your business. Why they are a great way to promote your business: Blogs educate and engage buyers while building trust. Providing interesting content can help your customers to consider and envision your business services. Whether you share photos of your favorite food on your restaurant menu or post a testimonial where you helped with a need, customers can easily learn about what you are doing and why these actions. Businesses use it to: Share stories, facts, practical tips, and answer frequently asked questions; just about anything to educate or engage customers. For example, several clothing stores write “How To” blogs to show people how to match different clothes.

3. Video and image sharing sites / apps We are referring here to YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare and Instagram. Why these sites are an effective way to promote your business: They allow you to instantly manage and share often engaging videos and images that will grab the attention of customers. They also encourage sharing. Businesses use them to: Share videos and images that capture the attention of the audience, without significant effort and without spending too much time. Certainly creating quality professional videos takes some effort, but you only need a few videos to set yourself apart. Many companies believe they can achieve effective success by snapping live scenes from their smartphones, or by sharing a bit of their personality in a short video. It can be as simple as that; little planning required.

4. Site evaluation
There are many evaluation sites that specialize in certain niches, such as travel, home renovations or restaurants. Sites like meet the needs of local businesses and allow them to connect with buyers in their neighborhoods. Consumers can rate both products and services by assigning a performance rating or they can post testimonials about their experience. How do these sites become an effective way to promote your business: People trust testing by other people. In fact, 92 percent of buyers in local businesses view online reviews *, and 80 percent of consumers value online reviews published by consumers as much as personal recommendations. In short, if you have good reviews online, people will be more likely to buy your products or use your services. Companies use these sites to: Let more people find them online. Remember to add useful information, such as address, store hours, and a link to your website. Sign up for Yellow Pages now and start reaching more local customers. It’s free.

Social media is changing the rules of the game. If your company is not yet using a social platform, now is the time to join the discussions. Most people use the Internet first, and social media is often the place to go to find information, ask questions, and find out what’s new. So get noticed.

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