attitudes to ADOPT to become RICH as an Entrepreneur

attitudes to ADOPT to become RICH as an Entrepreneur

This common misconception, along with many other biases, prevents many people from not only becoming wealthy, but more simply from leading comfortable lives without financial need. If you’re tired of not having enough money and not living the life you want, it’s important to be wary of 7 mistakes that can keep you from getting rich.

It is not a question of blaming or blaming people in financial difficulty but of helping them to get out of it.

If, at the end of this article, you think that you are not committing any of the errors described here; then, you have all the potential to succeed and improve your material situation!

1 Become rich: You cannot be rich and honest
There is a curious rather paradoxical reflex very widespread among our fellow citizens. Everyone wants to get rich and have money, but as soon as you speak or hear about people who have made a fortune, they are suspected of having acquired their money illegally, of being born ) with a silver spoon in your mouth or to have exploited or exploited others to have all this money. This a priori crime of wealth is very widespread in our countries because, on the one hand, of a false interpretation of the Bible which printed in the minds of people that money was dirty but also of a human reflex to envy what others have and that we have not managed to have or to gain! This desire is often born of the mirror effect created by the wealth of some people, sending people who envy them to their own incapacity or their lack of effort to achieve it. So “YES, we can be rich and honest! ”

2 Getting rich: It’s the fault of others!
Many people blame others for their own difficult financial situation. It is common to hear thoughts like, “If I don’t have enough money, it’s because (of your choice): the economic situation (national or international), the government, my competitors, my colleagues from my boss, my, underprivileged background, my difficult childhood…! ” Eliminate quickly or do not fall into this blame of blaming others because it is one of the major blockages that can prevent anyone from becoming rich. Indeed, if you invoke one or more of its reasons to justify your current poverty, tell yourself that you are not the only person suffering from such external constraints. Most people face it or have faced it sooner or later, including the wealthiest but they have managed, nevertheless, to improve their financial situation by overcoming unfavorable environments and going all the way of their dreams.

3 Getting rich: I know everything!
Many people in difficulty think they know everything. This form of arrogance causes their loss or explains their plight. Famous physicist Alfred Einstein said: “You can’t solve your problems with the spirit that helped create them! ” Also, have the humility to recognize that if you have not succeeded in your field, even if you think you are an expert or know everything, it is that, perhaps, you repeat the same mistakes or that you apply the same misconceptions that brought you to where you are! That is to say: either at an impasse, or not to progress or to do it too slowly. Also, have the courage to question your current principles, acquire others and put them into practice. Once done, see the results. It’s likely they’ll be better!

4 Getting Rich: Fear of Failure and the Unknown
Another major obstacle to success and, in particular, to enrichment. Many people do not dare to make changes that are essential to achieve them. Fear of failure is often accompanied by anxiety or uncertainty about what may happen. This is a major obstacle to any enrichment. But tell yourself that nobody knows the future, including clairvoyants! Even if you believe in the prediction of the future, the one announced to you by a clairvoyant is, in fact, the most honest recognize it, only one of the scenarios that awaits you depending on your attitude. Living is, in itself, a risk to be taken and you will never be sure about your future. Even the most skillfully organized plans never go as planned. Also, act every day knowing how to adapt to situations. Always remember the famous proverb of Confucius: “Each failure brings you closer to success!”

5 Getting rich: The false comfort of your comfort zone
When you come up against the blockages described above or those I will talk about next, the (bad) reflex, rather than trying to get rid of it, often consists in withdrawing into your physical comfort zone. Many people, unable to get rich or not knowing how to do it, think, then, that it is best to stay warm and / or safe in their current situation. This false protection, by withdrawing into a life that does not satisfy them, will never be the right solution. Say to yourself: “After all, I am happy where I am, I am fine even if my life is not satisfied! Is the worst thought. This withdrawal, mental and physical, incites a passivity and a resignation which will only worsen your problems. Get out of this false security because your income zone can never be greater than your comfort zone. Also, express your ambitions by going beyond the limits of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you can never improve your income.

6 Getting rich: Who does he think he is?
Seeing a Ferrari or a Porsche pass, some people say to themselves: “Who does he think he is, that one?” Another show-off or arrogant! Or cannot avoid another such reflection. Others think, in front of the same manifestation of wealth (if it is a woman): “Another woman maintained or who slept to be so rich! However, these protesters do not even know the person in question most of the time! Contrary to these hasty judgments, often the person blamed has worked hard and toiled for years before succeeding. Perhaps she comes from a modest background, she made great efforts and made many sacrifices to achieve it without being an upstart! Obviously, avoiding showing arrogance or contempt for others, why couldn’t a wealthy person display his outward signs of wealth without being insulted or cursed? In general, envious people project their own fears or prejudices onto those who have what they want. In these cases, the best reaction is, on the contrary, to rejoice in their success and to consider this manifestation of external signs of wealth as proof that it is possible to become rich and to use it as motivation to do the same! To get rich, you shouldn’t be hasty but act with a positive mindset.

7 get rich: accumulate money rather than excuses
Even if you don’t blame others, you can, too, find many excuses for not getting rich. These excuses are just false pretenses for not taking action or reasons for not acknowledging that you have, no doubt, committed one or more of the errors described above explaining why you are unable to change your financial situation. From a psychological point of view, these false pretexts are lies that we invent to justify our inability to earn money, often unconsciously or because we do not know, sincerely how to get out , see that the necessary efforts have not been made for any change of situation. The most common excuses are: “It’s too difficult! “; ” I will not arrive there ! “, ” It is too far ! “,” I don’t have enough experience! ” Instead of thinking, “I can’t! “, ” I do not know how to do ! “; say to yourself: “I can do it” or, at least: “I will try! ” Find the right motivations or reasons to act and get started. Experience has shown that with this mindset: it is more common to succeed than to fail!

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