To live longer, in good health, you must have: a strong immune system, a brain to the maximum of its possibilities, a healthy heart and a balanced metabolism allowing your body to respond to your finger and eye in all circumstances. However, there is no miracle food to lengthen your life but several … we tell you everything!

The 7 foods offered to you here are the most likely to help you in this sense. These will provide you with a long, and hopefully happy, disease-free life and allow you to recover quickly if you have a problem. These 7 foods will certainly not give you eternal life but will make you look younger by providing you with flawless dynamism. They will make your age a mere unimportant number!

1 To live longer, eat berries
Berries are among the most recommended foods for living longer because, in addition to their nutritional value, they have many therapeutic properties. Berries are, in particular, concentrates of antioxidants which fight free radicals, main factors of aging … This is proven by numerous scientific studies therefore this one published on the site. Berries are also called superfruits, even superfoods because they are so rich in nutrients. Excuse me a little: berries contain amino acids, fibers, minerals, pigments, tannins, vitamins…

And we can say that among the berries, there is something for all tastes and all colors! So you can feast daily with cranberries, acai, goji for the most exotic. For the most common berries, you can eat cranberries (often marketed under their English name “cranberries”), blackberries, raspberries, currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, blackberries …

2 To live longer, cook in olive oil
All vegetable oils are known for their health benefits, but among these, olive oil is largely in the lead. Indeed, olive oil is considered a long-life food and the basis, in particular, of Mediterranean cuisine and, in particular, of the famous Cretan diet. It is recognized worldwide for its beneficial influence on practically all bodily functions and on human longevity. Olive oil contains, in fact, omega-3 and omega-6 which are classified among the good fatty acids but also, many antioxidants, like omega-9 which are anti-aging substances, like Omega 3. Their combination is the most likely to oppose aging and lengthen your lifespan.

As Prof. Benlemlih and Dr. J. Ghanam point out in their book Polyphenols in olive oil, health treasures!, Polyphenols are also very important antioxidants contained in olive oil. ‘it can be used for frying, oil is however not recommended for this. Its smoke point (temperature at which an oil degrades and can ignite) is low. It is 191°C, the temperature above which olive oil loses its properties, particularly antioxidant properties and gives off a strong odor. To preserve its flavor and take advantage of its therapeutic properties, in particular anti-aging, consume raw olive oil, first cold pressing, for seasoning salads or by pouring it over raw or cooked fish.

3 To live longer, eat citrus
Citrus fruits are recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle aimed at extending your lifespan. We recommend them for their vitamin C concentration. As demonstrated in the book Healing with Vitamin C by Stefano Pravato, a deficiency in vitamins, especially in vitamin C, can lead to a weakening of the immune defenses protecting our body against viruses and diseases. Vitamin C also plays a role against tiredness and contains antioxidants allowing to live a long time but especially in good health because even if the lifespan is lengthened, many people age in poor health and in dependence. This is due to the loss of many cerebral and cognitive faculties and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

In this area, regular consumption of citrus fruits is useful because they are rich in flavonoids, molecules also known for their antioxidant properties. Also, eat as much as you want: grapefruits, lemons, oranges, clementines, mandarins …

4 To live longer, eat vegetables
Many vegetables also play a crucial role in delaying the aging of our organism and our cerebral faculties, as shown, among others, a study carried out at the University of Pavia (Italy). The following vegetables are particularly recommended to live longer: Broccoli is the ultimate anti-aging vegetable. It contains a lot of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, but also vitamins A and C and calcium. Therefore, it is also an important anti-fatigue vegetable. The cherry tomato contains a very effective antioxidant, quercetin, which strengthens the immune system and very useful to fight against allergies, certain cancers as well as heart and eye diseases.

Spinach, even if they do not contain as much iron as a popular idea wants, are rich, on the other hand, famous antioxidants like polyphenols, but also carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin) protecting the vision. Likewise spinach is a useful source of ferulic acid against oxidative stress (aging of cells). Leeks are rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin C, which are very effective in fighting all aging processes. Turnips are recommended for their vitamin C content fighting against skin aging.

5 To live longer, eat garlic
Garlic is a relatively neglected food, due to its strong odor and strong taste. Allium Sativum (from its Latin name) is, however, an interesting source of antioxidants recommended also in case of hypertension and migraines as revealed by the work of Stéphanie Bright and Vincent Cueff Put garlic in your life ! Garlic protects the cardiovascular system. It is also an antimicrobial and an anti-inflammatory as well as a protector of the intestinal flora thanks to the presence of inulin, a prebiotic which facilitates digestion. Among the compounds interesting for our health, garlic also contains allicin which is a natural antibacterial. Its high content of vitamins A, B, C, E makes it a benefactor of the immune system. Its phenolic acids give it antiseptic properties. Finally, these protective actions are complemented by its antioxidant properties thanks to its concentration of flavonoids. If you’re having trouble eating raw garlic, you can cook it or add it, but at the end of the cooking time, to the dishes you cook. Cooking gives it a more pleasant taste and makes it easier to absorb.

6 To live longer, eat whole grains
Cereals are great sources of antioxidants. It is recommended to eat whole grains (bread, rice, pasta, wheat …) because they have retained their germ and their outer shell as proven, among other things this study reported in 2007 by the American Heart Association. Whole grains are also richer in fiber and minerals than refined grains which have lost much of their nutritional value. Fiber aids in the digestion process and protects against diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Numerous studies have shown their influence on the maintenance of a good state of health and in particular to fight against aging as proven in a study conducted in the United States at the National Cancer Institute of Rockville. According to her, regular consumption of whole grains slows aging and reduces the likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems that may appear with age.

7 To live longer, eat seaweed
Seaweed is also one of the anti-aging foods that are becoming increasingly important in the Western diet. In many Asian countries, such as Japan, they have already been widely consumed for a long time for their therapeutic properties, in particular to prevent and combat hyperthyroidism, certain cancers and hypertension. Algae are rich in minerals and vitamins but also in fibers and trace elements essential for the proper functioning of our body. Among the most fashionable algae we notice, mainly, chlorella and spirulina which are usually consumed in the form of food supplements.

Chlorella is recommended for its detoxifying properties, its action on the immune system and is said to have beneficial effects on hypertension, cancer and fibromyalgia. Spirulina is recommended for its therapeutic properties, in particular for protecting the immune system and against diabetes. Its strong anti-aging action is explained by the presence of antioxidants such as carotenoids and phycocyanins. There are many seaweed recipes like the ones you will find in Gourmet Seaweed: The virtues of the sea are on the plate! These 7 foods are the main anti-aging weapons to which we can add: aromatic herbs, chocolate, green tea, soy, chicken, salmon, ginger, red onion, mushrooms, salmon, nuts and aromatic herb.

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