We hear it, we read it but sometimes … we forget to eat a balanced diet. For lack of inspiration or time, taste or resources. However, for our body and mind to do well, we need a little discipline.

What is a balanced meal (diet)?

A balanced meal is based on the creation of menus that combine diversity and variety of foods, reduced portions and regularity conducive to new habits.

It’s an effort to make before eating. But once the routine is acquired, it is easy to find this daily balance necessary to feel the best of our physical and mental health.

A balanced meal is therefore not synonymous with deprivation or lack of taste but on the contrary the rediscovery of non-artificial flavors and with a thousand surprises.

Do you know how to choose what to eat

Even if we have some ideas on the subject, how can we check if our diet is healthy every day? Public health messages published by the INPES [1] prescribe to eat 5 vegetables and 5 fruits per day, magazines are responsible for touting the qualities of such a diet or such a food according to fashion, but who to follow?

The first command is to succeed in respecting the rhythm of the seasons and the distances. Eating what is produced at a time M and locally allows us not to get lost in the constantly increasing supply by very developed modes of production and means of transport. At the time of ecological awakening, let’s respect Mother Nature. What if walking around the markets and chatting with market gardeners would allow us not only to eat better but also to be in tune with the times, to have perhaps less choice but greater awareness in our purchases? Avoid products that come from the other side of the world or that grow above ground with a lot of pesticides.

Also at the supermarket let us be in a state of consciousness, our pocket list written in agreement with our family and our closets. Let the household members take part in the puzzle of the races. And then let’s put a little fantasy if our spouse likes milk chocolate, okay but just a tablet that will be the subject of a special tasting. Kids love sodas. Let’s use tricks and search the internet for a recipe to make our natural soda ourselves.

The second command is to resist the multitude of ready made products on the shelves. Buying the least processed and refusing ready to eat food means choosing the best.

To sum up, knowing how to choose what you eat is to be alert and to exercise a critical mind for a healthy lifestyle. It is also refusing the junk food that the food industry seeks to impose on us on the pretext that we do not have time to take the time to do our shopping, to prepare good meals that will not make us gain pounds .

A healthy, balanced and varied meal during the week;

The balance is in the complementarity of the food categories and in their variety. To find your way around, we use a food pyramid. The base represents what you should eat the most and the top what you should eat the least.

To be in good shape, lower your cholesterol, do away with digestion problems and even lose weight, so you choose a maximum of seasonal vegetables to which we add a portion of cereals or starches associated with a protein such as meat, fish or an egg. Let’s stay moderate on the addition of fat, preferably vegetable, and we don’t cook it. We also pay attention to dairy products, cheese and yogurt for example, because on the contrary to what the big groups have told us, dairy products are not at all our best friends. Finally we don’t forget to drink water. If it is sometimes recommended to drink 30 minutes before a meal, especially drink when you are thirsty up to 1.5l per day.

The balance to meet our needs is based on the combination of the three daily meals. Information is sometimes found that breakfast represents 25%, lunch 45% and dinner 30% of the daily intake. It’s a foundation to work on. And if you want a snack, you choose an apple or a grapefruit (slimming friends) or a piece of homemade cake.

Playing sports at the same time
The best ally in our eating routine is physical exercise. Having modest goals is a good start so that you don’t get discouraged. Walking every day is exercise. On weekends a walk with the children or a sports session together will also be a time to unwind. The Internet provides modules for gentle gymnastics or more dynamic fitness. You can also decide to take one or more lessons per week, subscribe to a sports club for example.

Daily intakes of a balanced meal

To function well, our body and our mind therefore need what we find in the different food categories: lipids, carbohydrates, proteins on the one hand for fuel and energy, fibers, minerals and vitamins on the other set out to develop and protect us. If we take a closer look at what this means, then eat moderately fat, little sugar, a little animal food, lots of grains (preferably whole), vegetables and fruits. And let’s drink water.

So let’s take the chance to develop our creativity in simple, nourishing and healthy recipes. It is with practice in the kitchen that habit comes. A habit that will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer linked to poor diet.

What is menu for a balanced meal?

The recommendations are simple: use small portions, eat vegetables and animal products, fruits, add some starchy foods, a touch of fat, some dairy products, drink lots of water. Good advice and ideas that also help you lose weight and are beauty allies.

What your starter should contain: mainly vegetables
Raw in salads with a dash of vegetable oil (olive, nuts, rapeseed) or in soup. Grated carrots with cumin and orange or a coconut cream butternut cream soup.

What your main dish should contain: A concocted mixture of meat or fish, vegetables and starchy foods
A portion of grilled chicken with lemon or a filet of tarragon fish in the oven with a generous portion of vegetables (steam is even better) and a good spoon of starchy foods (lentils, wholegrain rice or some pasta) or a slice of bread (avoid white bread).

What you should favor as dessert: mainly fruits
A fruit salad without added sugar or a flavored compote of cinnamon or vanilla gives a gourmet note. Dairy is also possible, a sheep’s yogurt with a teaspoon of organic honey.

It is sometimes advisable to start with the fruits. Why not a new habit?

For a coffee after the meal, wait an hour because before it prevents fixing the iron. Let us allow ourselves a glass of wine from time to time.

Small pleasures are part of life!

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