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          Address:Dongchang Road Liaocheng City, No. 1
          Contact person:Mr. Liu
          Mobile phone:13306356612
          Viscosity resin NHK-1160
          Release time:2015/7/7 16:24:43 Clicks:

          Is in the aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons as warm copolymerization of monomer and polymer compound rubber auxiliaries new materials of tackifying resin NHK-1160. It not only increases the viscosity effect is good, but also obviously promote the different polarity rubber mixing evenly, extensive application in tire and rubber products, products for deep reddish brown color flake or granular solid resin, with rubber and good compatibility.

          Product performance and features:

          This product has good viscosity, and can significantly improve the performance of the non vulcanized rubber.

          To improve the adhesion strength between rubber and nylon cord and wire cord, and improve the adhesion of the product.

          3 and different rubber has good compatibility, and has low thermal conductivity, due to the low acid value, so the vulcanization reaction almost had no effect.

          The promotion of black carbon and other ingredients in rubber dispersing performance, shorten the mixing time, reduce energy consumption.

          This product is the green rubber additives, does not contain harmful substances, no pollution to the environment.

          Product standard: Q/1500LBH-06-2012

          Index name

          Finger mark

          Appearance (visual)

          Dark brown red translucent or transparent particles or flakes

          Softening point


          PH value (PH)



          Less than or equal to 0.60

          Using method: when mixed with other auxiliary materials while adding. In the tire compound formula directly to join 5-10, the user can adjust the dosage according to the process conditions and product specific circumstances.

          Uses: widely used in tires and other rubber products.

          Packaging and storage: PP bags, plastic woven bag or paper plastic compound bag, bag PE plastic bags, moisture-proof, 25 kg / bag, the shelf life of 18 months, this product is not dangerous chemicals.

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